Albuquerque Pet Services

Our pets are part of our extended family. We love them, feed them and care for them. They are not always welcome when we visit others, however. Going on a vacation is one circumstance which causes us to search for good pet services. Hotels, as well as relatives may have a 'No Pet' policy.

Pet sitting and pet services in Albuquerque, N. M. can be found in the local yellow pages. Online you can search for pet sitting, dog walking pet grooming and training at or in the yellow page section of super pages.

Albuquerque also has dog day care services along with boarding and sitting for your precious pooches. Pet boarding is not limited to your dogs. Cats can be pet sit, or can be boarded at many fine businesses in and around Albuquerque.Pets

There are services available for more exotic pets as well. Not everyone owns a dog or cat. Some people will need their small caged animals cared for.

Other pets that may need in home care are birds, fish and snakes. Pet care may be short or long term; a day or a month.

Albuquerque certainly lives up to New Mexico's slogan, 'Land of Enchantment' and has services in place for tourists to have their pets boarded while they visit the surrounding area.

While having your pet boarded, it may be a good time to get it groomed. That would be kind of like a doggie day spa. While you travel and tour you can have your pooch walked, groomed, fed and entertained. There are boarding services for the special cat, as well.